Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oodles of Doodles LXXVII

As I mentioned yesterday, I love these doodles with a record theme, so this is a good one in my book. This particular copy of the doodle was scanned from Hill Bowen And His Orchestra-I Married An Angel: Vol. 4 For Hi-Fi Living (RCA Custom RAL 1004, 1957), but the doodle is repeated on all 12 volumes in the series. Well, I assume it's on all of them. So far I only have 6 of the 12, but I'm still searching. I'm also searching the web for info on the series, but to no avail. I thought maybe the Custom label meant it was a pressing for a company promo or something, but the back of the LPs don't seem to support that. Anyone with any info on the series is welcome to post a note. Other titles in the series are:
Volume 1-I Could Have Danced All Night
Volume 2-Hands Across The Table
Volume 3-Hits From Hollywood
Volume 5-Love On Broadway-Hill Bowen And His Orchestra
Volume 6-Latin Holiday
Volume 7-These Foolish Things
Volume 8-A Lazy Afternoon-Malcolm Lockyer And His Orchestra
Volume 9-The Girl That I Marry-Jack Say And His Orchestra
Volume 10-Very Hi-Fi Organ
Volume 11-A Trip To Romance-Tony Osborne And His Orchestra
Volume 12-We're Having A Party-Malcolm Lockyer And His Orchestra
Catalogue numbers are sequential, from RAL 1001 to RAL 1012. Artists are shown from the ones I have, the others are from a list of titles on the back of each LP.
(I know I've got more than six of these, but I can't find the others. Perhaps I have too many records...)

Oh, wait, I'm supposed to talk about the doodle, not just the record. This doodle is signed Tom Scheuer, who shows up a number of places on the internet, like here and here. I guess he did work for Marvel Comics & DC back in the fifties, and eventually became the head writer for Murder, She Wrote (after changing his name to Tom Sawyer). Cool.

[Update: I got an email from Tom Sawyer, the artist of the above doodle. He doesn't remember doing this exact illustration, having done thousands of pieces over the years, but he felt it was certainly his style. And he emphasizes that they are illustrations, not doodles! It's great of Mr. Sawyer to take time out to answer an email from someone asking about work he did 48 years ago. Thanks!]

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