Thursday, July 07, 2005

Who Was That Masked Man?

Here's a Classic Ernie picture for you. I shot this racoon over on the north jetty at Ponce Inlet, Florida. That's just south of Daytona Beach. I was up there visiting the lighthouse, but the weather was overcast and grey, so I had to find other things to shoot. This furry fellow and his mate lived among the rocks on the jetty and made a decent living by begging fishermen for scraps. There were also a number of feral cats living in the same area. I hoped I'd get to see an argument or an altercation between the two competing species, but nothing happened while I was there.
Today is day two without my camera, and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Everywhere I look, I see a picture I want to take. Last night I saw the sandhill crane family again, but I had no camera! (I also only saw one baby, which worried me a little bit. The other one may just have been out of sight when I drove by, but you never know...)

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