Sunday, July 17, 2005

Oodles of Doodles XLV-Christmas In July

Here's a delightful set of doodles that I almost missed. I found this record in a pile of stuff I thought I had already doodlized, but it turns out that I hadn't. So here're seven little doodles from the back of Christmas Surprises From The Ralph Hunter Choir (RCA Records SL10911, 1959). Don't ask me how, but I ended up with an Australian pressing of this LP. I'm sure there are collectors out there who know that from the catalog number I listed, but I know it because of the little blurp on the backside (right below the partridge picture) "Records manufactured by RCA of Australia Pty. Ltd." Anyhow, these seven doodles are sprinkled around the back cover. The music on the inside is pretty good, too. If only this copy hadn't come over from Australia on the bottom of the boat. It's rough, believe me! (Anybody know anything about this group? Google is failing me on this one...)

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  1. Hello Ernie, My name is Chip Arcuri, aka the Christmas Music Guru (as known on web site). I am probably one of the few people who can answer your question regarding the album "Christmas Surprises" by the Ralph Hunter Choir. It is highly unlikely you will find anything on this album searching the Internet as it is a very rare piece. The album, as you know, was released by RCA Victor Records in 1959 as "Christmas Surprises" by The Ralph Hunter Choir. However, in 1962, as a result of a marketing decision, RCA re-released this great LP on it's Camden label and changed the billing on the album to The Living Voices with the new title "The Living Voices Sing Christmas Music". That was the beginning of a new series of LP releases by the Living Voices, which were a sister group to The Living Strings who also released a series of great albums on the RCA Camden label. The later Living Voices LP's, while excellent, did not sound anything like the original Ralph Hunter Choir. The vast majority of people out there only know this album by it's later billing and title as it was in print far longer than it's original release as The Ralph Hunter Choir. The Living Voices LP on Camden Records and it's later reissue re-release on Pickwick records can be purchased from various vendors at or, and they also occasionally appear on eBay auctions. I'm glad I could help you. If you should have any further questions, please let me know. Sincerely, Chip Arcuri


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