Sunday, July 03, 2005

Happy 3rd Of July!

Here's a nice little shot of the fireworks from Bradenton Beach, Florida, this evening. The Beach House restaurant always shoots off their fireworks on the day before July 4th, I guess so they can get a bigger crowd. It's always a nice little practice shoot for me before the real thing. I'm not too good at shooting the fireworks, mostly because I do a poor job of anticipating where exactly they are going to explode, and how bright they are going to be. So my photos are sort of hit and miss. For every good one, I get a completely black frame. The shot below is of a vendor selling those little glow stick necklaces, and other flashy lights. It's an 8 second exposure, which is why everything sort of trails around, and the boats on the water look blurry. I thought it was neat, and it helped kill the hour and a half I stood there in one place waiting for the real show to start.

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Nanette Richards said...

Awesome picture!! I loved it.