Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ernie & Ernie & Ernie & Ernie

For years, people have been surprised to find out that I am Ernie IV. Well, here's the proof. In this unique photograph from October 1974, you get to see four generations of my family, all with the same name. I'm the little tyke in the powder blue shirt, lower right. Ernie III is in the stylish maroon jacket at upper left. Ernie Jr is in the plaid jacket upper right. And the original Ernie is seated at center. This picture is from a trip to North Carolina that I barely remember. It's badly faded and rather spotty if you look closely, but it's still a classic. It occurs to me that I am now almost 10 years older than my father was when this picture was taken. He's also the only other Ernie left.


Anonymous said...

Ernest Howard Haynes born November 16, 1886 Roebuck, SC.... mother Nora Rose Bowen (born 1862 died Nov 1886, probably in childbirth or soon thereafter)...father Johnny Simpson Haynes (born Nov 4,1865 died Oct 18, 1946).... married Mary Katherine (or Kathleen) Montgomery Dec 31, 1908.....died July 14, 1984 buried Woodruff, SC

Ernest H Haynes,Jr born March 22, 1912 Spartanburg Co, SC... married Pearle M Mills March 4, children...married Amelia Elizabeth Penrod Feb 23, 1947 Rockville Maryland. Died September 10, 1987... buried Spartanburg, SC

Ernest H Haynes III ...born April 5, 1948 Washington, DC...married Joan Carol Moore June 10, 1968 in Lakeland FL.

Ernest H Haynes IV .....born June 10, 1970 Lakeland FL

Anonymous said...

correction to orginal comment Ernest H Haynes IV born June 25, 1970 sorry WHAT WAS I THINKING?????

Anonymous said...

A truly great picture and I'm looking forward to meeting the 2 remaining Ernie's in February 2006.