Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Christmas In July 2019-Part 61

Another very good morning to you! Ready for another big day of Christmas music?  Good!

1.  The Paris Theatre Orchestra-Arab Dance from A High Fidelity Adventure In Exotic Lands (Somerset P-5600 (Recorded In France), Mono, 1957).  One of those fake exotica albums, the sort of thing I see a lot of in the bins at Goodwill.  But it's that time of year, so I picked it up and checked, and sure enough, there's some Tchaikovsky in there. And it's not a bad version to be honest.

2. The Philadelphia Chorale-Earl Ness, Conductor-I Am So Glad Each Christmas Eve from Hymns At Home (Lutheran Church Press LB 22, Mono, 1964).  Look at those Lutherans, sneaking in here again!

3. Robert Q. Lewis And The Star-Time Kids Chorus, Music By Hank Sylvern-Jingle Bells from Children's Sing-Along (MGM Children's Series CH-105, Mono, 1962). A tiny slice of the sixty songs found on this album, but I had to scan them all to see if there was any Christmas content.  You're welcome.

4. Northwestern College Male Chorus-Arnold O. Lehmann, Director-O Come, O Come Immanuel from Northwestern College, Watertown, Wisconsin, Male Chorus (Recorded Publications Company Z-27011/27012, Mono).  What's up with Immanuel versus Emmanuel? Personal preference?  Archaic spelling?  Just curious, but too lazy to research it properly.

5. Charles R. Cronham-Organ And Chimes-Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem from Ring Out Christmas Bells/Hymns Of Faith, Hope And Joy (Mercury MG-20001, Mono, 1950).  Another one of those records with Christmas tracks that number in the double digits.

6. The Choir Of Christ Episcopal Church-When Christ Was Born from 75 Men And Boys (No Label 2xLP BL 1500 (Side 4-Christmas Carol Service) (Bloomfield, Glen Ridge), Mono).  Lots of good Christmas songs on this one, too.  I wish it hadn't been so scratched though.

7. Ella Jenkins-Winter from This Is Rhythm (Scholastic SC 7652, Mono, 1961).  A recent find, and a good one.  I think we've seen Ella around here before, but not this year.

8. Gerald Eskelin And The L.A. Jazz Choir-Christmas Life from Hal Leonard Presents A Choral Spectrum (Youth Edition) (Hal Leonard Publishing HLP-11, Stereo, 1984).  Your first demo track of the night.  I hate when they put some interesting name on it, then it just turns out to be a medley of carols. But this one is an actual song!

9. Roger Williams With Orchestras Directed By Marty Gold, Frank Hunter, Gene Von Hallberg-Greensleeves from With These Hands (Kapp KS-3030, Stereo, 1959).  I feel like I've stumbled onto a lot of Roger Williams music this year that I've never seen before. I don't really think all of those guys direct the orchestra, but I couldn't find individual attributions anywhere on the album.

10. Unknown Artist-He Is Born from Choral Celebration Vol. VIII (Jensen Publications JP-6400, Stereo, 1985).  The second demo of the share.  Sorry about having to double up on these.

And that's it, another nice collection.  Hope there's something in here to catch your attention.  They can't all feature Paul Bley.  Here's the download link, see ya'll later.

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